Dr Tiana has been a busy lady for the past 12 months working hard to become an NDC-accredited practitioner with the Possums Program. She has now achieved this qualification and is available to consult with expectant families during and after pregnancy. Neuroprotective Developmental Care (also known as Possums Programs) developed by Dr Pamela Douglas, is an evidence-based approach to managing infant feeding and sleep issues in both breast and bottle-fed infants.

The Possums Programs provide an internationally recognised, research-based approach to the management of infant feeding issues, sleep concerns, and maternal mental health. It acknowledges that feeds, sleep, social interaction, maternal and infant health are all interrelated and aims to assist Mums and Bubs to develop the skills needed to manage challenges in these areas in a compassionate, holistic manner.  Tiana is able to work one on one with families to assist in addressing any concerns and to provide consistent advice.

Dr Tiana will be available for infant feeding/sleep, cry-fuss consultations Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  As Tiana is a General Practitioner, Medicare rebates are available for these consultations.

If you would like to arrange an appointment with Dr Tiana please call our friendly staff on 07 4635 1688 or book online and choose Mum/Bub appointment here