It is World Breastfeeding Week and a great time to get some of the facts on breastfeeding and remember the amazing “superpowers” of breast milk. 

Breastfeeding IS an art form.  Mothers learn from other mothers and pass down these skills to their children.  However, breastfeeding in today’s Western society can be very challenging as our observation of these very important skills are often lacking.  Although breastfeeding is the biological norm, it is a skill which both the mum and the baby need to learn.   Breast milk provides all of the nutritional requirements a baby needs for the first 6 months of life and provides most of the nutrition they require for up to twelve months of age and beyond.  Breast milk IS the ultimate “superfood” .  A mother’s breast milk is perfectly suited to her baby’s requirements for growth and development.  Importantly breast milk has immune protective capabilities that protect babies from infections of gut, urinary and respiratory tracts, prevent the development of allergies, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity in later life.  Did you know that breastfeeding:

·      Can reduce the risk of a mother bleeding following birth helping with contraction of the womb

·      Reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

·      May help mothers to return to their pre-pregnancy weight

·      Reduces the risk of the mother developing breast and ovarian cancer

·      Provides a mother an opportunity to deeply connect with their babies providing a critical opportunity to bond with their babies with lots of warmth and closeness.

Here’s the thing.  Breastfeeding can be tough!  Mothers who have the confidence to breastfeed do find it an empowering experience.  It is important that mothers who are having difficulties with breastfeeding get help from a health care professional who can identify any issues and give mums (and families) the education and support needed to navigate their breastfeeding journey.   Equally mums who choose to bottle feed with infant formula can still benefit from a consultation to discover the benefits of paced feeding to mimic the flow of milk from the breast and allow the baby to experience a comfortable feed.  

Dr Tiana Dall’Osto has a special interest in breastfeeding and infant sleep concerns. 

She is available for consultations if you are having any breastfeeding or feeding difficulties or if you are pregnant and in need of some breastfeeding advice before baby arrives. To book your consultation today click here and select Dr Tiana Dall’Osto.